Contemporaries and historians have blamed almost every prominent Confederate general at Gettysburg for mistakes that lost that battle: among them Robert E. Lee himself for mismanagement, overconfidence, and poor judgment; Jeb Stuart for riding off on a raid around the Union army and losing contact with his own army, leaving Lee blind in the enemy’s country; Richard Ewell and Jubal Early for failing to attack Cemetery Hill on the afternoon of July 1st and again for tardiness in attacking on the 2nd; and above all, James Longstreet for lack of cooperation, promptness, and vigor in the assaults of July 2nd and 3rd. It was left to George Pickett to put his finger on the problem with all these explanations. When someone asked Pickett after the war who was responsible for the Confederate defeat at Gettysburg, he scratched his head, and replied: “I’ve always thought the Yankees had something to do with it.”
— Why the Confederacy Lost, 1992