It’s Border Days Rodeo Eve in Grangeville, which means sound checks at the arena. The national anthem was sung and followed with a few bars from the album version of Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.

I’ve never been big on country music, but I’ve grown to like that Toby Keith song, especially the line about how “it’ll feel like the whole wide world is raining down on you.” I’ve grown to like that line because, whatever else I’ve thought about The War On Terror, that line has struck me as plainly obviously true. But the last couple of years, I haven’t heard the song without wondering whether the nationalist conservative rhetorical rebuke of liberal internationalism is turning Toby Keith’s line into a lie.

What a luxury it is to think too long about this stuff instead of worrying much about whatever Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is up to. I’d imagine these people never heard the song, but nonetheless felt the world is raining down on them. Even so, from time to time, I think it’s worth stopping to think about whether or not whatever bastard descendent of Bin Ladenism comes next will be as isolated as it looks like that bastard Al Qaeda franchisee is these days.