#everydayweekly: what I do for a living, and why

Within about five minutes of arriving, I knew I’d made a good decision.first words

I came to Grangeville to join the Idaho County Free Press, paid circulation ~3,300, Idaho’s oldest weekly newspaper in 2011.

selfFirst, I’m here because I believe the weekly newspaper is the best possible print publishing platform for the digital age. *
Second, I’m here because I believe this particular section of rural Idaho is one of the best places to live anywhere on the planet. *
Third, I’m here because I believe the Idaho County Free Press occupies a unique niche in a unique place — and is well-positioned to show leadership in a struggling industry. *

I’ll be elaborating on the asterisked points in coming days or weeks or months, as time allows. After I commit my thoughts to digital paper, I’ll link to each of those posts from this page.


That’s enough for now about why I’m here. Now, as promised, a few words on what I do:

I’m here to report on high school sports, outdoor recreation, local government, agriculture and the Forest Service. I snapped the paper’s first-ever full-page photo on the night Grangeville won its first-ever football championship.

Beyond designing pages for each week’s press run, I count two contributions to key strategic efforts: I’ve helped launch the paper’s first social network presence, which connects our core product to thousands of non-subscribers. I’m in the process of helping relaunch the foremost website dedicated to Idaho County news, IdahoCountyFreePress.com. Mostly, that means I spend about 60 hours per week publishing my own writing and photography as part of a three-person editorial crew that fuels an 11-person multimedia advertising operation.

I have an undergraduate degree in chemistry, as well as abiding interests in hiking, fishing, four-wheeling, sports and reading. I’m obsessed with math-heavy strategic games including chess, card games and Civilization.

But as I’ve written before: I’m here to work, not sit on my haunches.

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