Hold on


Snow near Snowhaven
Grangeville-Salmon Road near Snowhaven Ski & Tubing Area December 13, 2014.

As always, I intend to write not so much about myself, but about events and ideas even strangers may find interesting. I suppose few apart from old friends and family will take any immediate interest in the blog as I’m now imagining it. I wish I could set aside the time to call everyone every week, but such is life.

Lately I’ve been renewing old interests — including blogging — and digging into some new ones.


Before I forget, Merry Christmas!

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Hold on

I’ll be here

I haven’t checked on the Welcome to Grangeville geocache yet, but a visit to N 45° 55.489 W 116° 07.945 is on my list of things to do. For all practical purposes, those coordinates may as well point to my new desk over at the Idaho County Free Press office. Going on four years, I’m still spending more time there than anywhere else in this county. I need to come up with a clear plan for seeing more of the great places this area has to offer, and I keep coming back to the possibility that there’s still an important place in my life for this blog. The world is enormous around me, and I’ve explored far too little of it.

Last summer I had the joy of visiting one of those places from which it feels like you can see the world. The wild places in Idaho County are wild indeed, but one can see civilization from here, too. I’ve always thought of blogging as a tool useful for looking more carefully at one’s own little world, and I suppose that’s what I’ll be using this website to do.

In light of the ‘Day of Infamy’ anniversary, here’s a 1958 TV program that gives all the important details about the USS Arizona memorial’s history: some details related by people who survived the attack, and some details about the call to action that eventually funded the monument.

Some of my most vivid memories of childhood involve National Geographic maps, and the one they printed about the Pearl Harbor attack still holds my attention far better than any interactive.


Below, the trailer to the movie I’m most excited to see next year.

Aaaahnold is here because every other time I’ve shut this blog down, I’ve felt the need to add: I’ll be back. Come January, I’ll be here again.

I’ll be here